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GNU Carbon Credit Snowboard

You’re not a freestyle riding savvy but still want to get the thrill of snowboarding? Then the GNU Carbon Credit Snowboard is the perfect gear for you.
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This has snowboard gained wide accolades from riders because of its comprehensive features at an affordable price of $399. You can even find some Carbon Credit Snowboard sold at a discounted price. Because of the gear’s wide array of specs, even expert riders still has rooms to appreciate the qualities of Carbon Credit. They owe it Mervin Manufacturing’s high end technologies, namely: Magne Traction and Banana Tech.

Apart from the Magne Traction and Banana Tech features of the GNU Carbon Credit Snowboard, this twin-shaped board is made with a lightweight Mervin wood core that gives the rides a bend as well as low spin weight. The smooth dual sintered sidewalls that are covered to the Mervin wood core enhance the board’s strength and lightness. What promotes the pop and stability of the GNU Carbon Credit Snowboard lies in the coatings of biaxial woven fiberglass that provide a two-way fiber angle.

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But kudos should be given to the banana technology and the magne traction. These “avant garde” technologies help riders in maintaining their sense of balance thereby resulting to perfect control over the board regardless of the snow conditions. Banana tech promises an easy ride plus the feeling of unbelievably floating in powder. With the magnetraction technology, you can perform all terrain freestyle even in whatever levels of ability in snow or in ice. Yep, you have read it right! The magne traction technology of the GNU Carbon Credit Snowboard gives the board the ability to function on ice. Actually, this board is great on ice. So with this gear, there is no doubt that you can cut through the snows in all terrains. The award winning technologies of banana rocker and magne traction makes the board feels loose and catch-free. It also presses jibs and rails smoothly like a champ board. You’ve gotta love this board folks.

This type of snowboard has also been proven to have a good pop for a full rocker and it consistently delivers to the thrill you want to experience with a very minimal effort. This board will give you the fun you want without you worrying so much about being bankrupt because it’s not so pricey. After all, you’ve got more for less because of its magne traction and banana rocker technology plus its other features that will guide you from being a beginner to a pro.

There’s no wonder riders can instantly fall in love with this board. This reasonably priced snowboard is really a super value for money. It’s not too pricey and its durable and versatile you won’t think of switching to other snowboards anymore. So if you’re ready to take off, the GNU Carbon Credit Snowboard is one of the most recommended gears that are more than willing to help you terrorize any type of white snows in the mountains or even just in the parks.

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Ride Agenda

Whether it is the snow, the speed of going downhill, landing the crucial flip spin, remaining on the board or just trying to keep from falling over, snowboarding on the best snowboards has steadily become an incredibly popular sport during the winter. It is an enjoyable method spending a snow day off from work or school.

Among individuals living in the United States where it snows as well as in areas where it does not, snowboarding has increased in popularity to a greater extent, primarily as a result of the exposure it continuously gets in the media.

From the X Games to the Winter Olympics, individuals who enjoy watching their favorite snowboarder land a fancy move are looking to copy it the following day.  Snowboarding on the best snowboards is an enjoyable sport to take part in since it does not require team effort and you can execute it all by yourself; however, you also have the option of going out with a bunch of friends or even total strangers at a resort where skiing and snowboarding takes place and still be able to have a great time.

This winter sport is also rather appealing to every skill level since it is pretty uncomplicated to learn with the correct instruction and training.  It is the type of activity that the best athlete or the worst athlete can be successful in and execute well, if a little work and time are put into it.  It is an adventure going downhill on the best snowboards at high speed and because it is being done on a board and you have the ability to manipulate the direction and speed by simply turning your feet, is an immense thrill for an individual who participates in the sport of snowboarding.

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This activity can even be entertaining for individuals who are just learning the art of the sport and are falling on a consistent basis.  When they finally get the hang of making it downhill without falling, the experience only keeps improving every time they arrive at the slopes.  In addition, a number of individuals take pleasure in the sport in view of the fact that it is somewhat of a substitute for skiing.  You are able to achieve the same speeds when going downhill on one of the best snowboards, instead of two skis.  It provides an experience of something unique and different; therefore, it attracts the attention of all sorts of individuals.  It is also an excellent method of getting in a workout; if you do not have the time or desire to go to the fitness center, snowboarding provides a tremendously enjoyable way of getting that workout without having to hit the gym for at least an hour everyday; you have the option of hitting the slopes on the best snowboards and carry out an activity that you will enjoy a lot more.

Every boot, binding and Ride Agenda snowboard in the line is designed with a single notion in mind and that is individuality.  If you look closely you will see the hangovers, high-fives, headaches and good times that have gone into the design of every last feature and product to concentrate on specific rider needs and styles.

The most recent line is the most style-driven, rider focused line so far.  A lot of ground has been covered here.  However, in truth you are the only can who can define your style.  Movies, friends, art, music, whatever it takes, you can draw from anything that motivates you.  Gear up, get inspired and create something that is individually yours.

Ride Agenda snowboard has been in a leading position where it concerns the progression for the design and construction of the best snowboards, ride ability and features.

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Forget about everything that you had intended for the duration of the winter and place one single thing on the calendar; that is the Ride Agenda Snowboard.  Ride is providing you with an opportunity of experiencing its LowRize Rocker technology for a cost that is really unbeatable.  Get on board on this twin that is park ready and take advantage of the best value of freestyle that is available.

A few of its features are listed below:

  • Its mid-range flex provides the Ride Agenda Snowboard with the ideal combination of responsiveness and softness preparing it to take on whatever the park has to offer.
  • Core and Construction: The thin construction features a tail and tip that are tapered in order to enhance tip flex and decrease the swing weight.

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The Ride Agenda board is a freestyle snowboard that has a twin tip design.  It is the kind of snowboard that you can be ridden all over the range of the mountain from craving and cruising to performing tricks in the ski park.  Ride Agenda refers to this snowboard as the bargain of the century as it provides you with top class performance at the very low cost of $299.

In the industry, Ride Agenda snowboards are comparable with Forum and Burton. In 1992, it was founded with just four models and a vision for the people, boasting of innovation and superior quality, Ride Agenda snowboard has been a winner from the very start.